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Physicians and Clinic's

Welcome doctor's, chiropactors, nurse practicioners and clinic owners.

Are you looking to add revenue streams to your pracitce?

Looking for a way to keep and retain emplyees?

We have affialations with some of the top vendors and service providers to help your practice and your patients .

Note: Must have NPI number.


Impact Health Sharing


Key points

Retain and Attract Staff!

 Preffered provider and pays within 4 weeks.

Open enrollment.

No network.

Low drug cost.

Anyone can join even non-u.s. citizen.

To learn how to add this service to your practice click the icon above to connect with a representative.

CMAT Software/Machine

Great revenue for General Practioner, Wellness Clinics,Family Practice.
Schedule a demo call with Dr. Joe Torres to go over the CMAT system and see how this will fit into your practice. No staff No Problem they offer a fully trained staff to make your practice more money.


• Strong clinical results for improved patient efficacy

• Exam is ideal for 60-70% of today’s clinical patients


• Easy to administer 7-minute, non-invasive assessment test

• Exam can be administered on-site by Meridian HSN mobile testing team


• Covered by Medicare and commercial insurance saving millions of dollars through early detection and care

• Approximately $400 per patient per test.

Retest supported by Insurance.


Optimal Health and Wellness


Brandi Zimbelman


Brandi Zimbelman is a Family Nurse Practitioner, from North Carolina, with experience in family medicine, regenerative medicine, functional medicine, neurosurgery, neurology, and cardiology.

At Optimal Health and Wellness, we strive to foster an environment where you feel like family. We evaluate the person as a whole and take necessary measures to restore, encourage, and educate. Our top priority is helping you reach your healthiest version of you.

I have had the privilege to know Brandi, she has helped me in so many ways. I swear she is a guardian angel; she is a wealth of knowledge.  Brandi has put me back together and made able to enjoy my very active lifestyle. I competed in OCR races like Tough Mudder,Spartan,Savage Race, Road Bike, Mt Bike, Crossfit, Paddleboard etc. so I have some aches and pains. I was getting ready for a knee replacement and was referred to Brandi threw a FB friend.  Received the stem cell and I no longer have any knee pain.  Then I tore my shoulder from Mt Biking ouch! Had a stem cell put in and went through rehab and I was able to clean and jerk a barbell with 25lb set of 10 rounds of 4 at the 8week marker!!! Unbelievable the gym trainers could not believe it if they didn't see it themselves.  If you're in WI and have a spots injury and want to get back in the game faster or need help with recovery, make sure to reach out to her office.


Red Light Therapy

Welcome to the world of the most powerful light therapy products, at an affordable price.


This has been our pursuit for the last 30 years: to produce the light therapy devices with the perfect combination of wavelength and power.


Surface areas that are difficult  to treat like parts of the neck, shoulders, elbows, head, knees are easy with the LZR UltraBright.

I met Dr Randy in Napa California.

We hit it off right away because we are both barefoot water skiers!! I had a loose left knee joint, and Dr Randy and Dr Turchin used their cold Lazer on the loose knee joint and after two short treatments my knee was stabilized and it felt better than my other knee, it felt like cement so solid and stable!!

Wow does it work.

I purchased the portable LZR ultra bright pro model and use it after all my workouts. My left knee is completely healed and I am back to normal.


Contact: Dr.Mark Fedorczyk,DC FSCT


We met in Napa Ca at oraganic healing conferance. Dr Mark is one of the top in his field.

I highly recommend a consultation he is a wealth of knowledge in stem cell therapy.

Dr Mark, just wrote a book on the benefits of stem cell therapy.


Vale Medical


Contact: Carmine Dellasala

VP of Business Development

P. 561-379-6230


I met Dr Carmine in Napa California he is a wonderful person with a huge heart. We are both crossfitters. Dr Carmine helped me with my elbow pain using the Storz Shockwave. It really helped relive the pain and tenderness in the elbow joint.

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