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Anderson Financial is proud to work with this nonprofit organization. We could not ask for such an easy approach to helping individuals, families and small business owners afford health care services. We have all seen insurance premiums go up with the rising cost of living and high inflation. Here is a silver lining to take advantage of.

 If you contact Impact Health Sharing, make sure to use our client code 07717492 we appreciate your business.

And look forward to helping you with your business needs.

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Is Impact membership affordable?

Members are saving thousands when they switch to Impact. Plans start as low as $73 for individuals and $378 for families. We have designed four pricing options for individuals and families, as well as special pricing for seniors. See pricing

Have you been asking yourself, How does Impact really work?

Healthcare Sharing is a non-insurance solution to the rising cost of healthcare. When you join Impact, you create a Share Account and are connected to thousands of other like-minded community members.  Join us today and begin experiencing the substantial savings and remarkable advantages of Impact! 

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Can I use Telemedicine when I'm out of town?

There are no states where we don’t offer telemedicine, but some states have different video/audio visit requirements. When a visit geolocates to a state that requires video conferencing, the audio option will not be available.

Ready to find out all the reasons Impact is a smart choice?

Prescriptions you can afford!

Our unique model encourages pharmacies to compete for your business, so you can feel confident that you're getting honest and fair prescription prices. And guess what? We're definitely helping you save money! 

Let's have a conversation so you can start enjoying the benefits of transparent and affordable prescriptions.

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